Music Bingo STL

Forget everything you thought you knew about bingo

Music Bingo STL provides an interactive bingo experience that combines the thrill and challenge of music trivia with the fun and excitement of bingo night!

Who We Are

Music Bingo STL provides you and your organization the ultimate way to spice up your night! By fusing the excitement of traditional bingo games with the unique challenge of music trivia, we are sure to create a unique and unforgettable experience. With our state-of-the-art software and vast music library, players can expect to sing and dance along to their favorite songs while trying their luck at winning the game. Our friendly and experienced hosts will guide players through the game and make sure everyone has a blast. Join us for a night of fun, laughter, and of course, music!

This Is How We Do It

Makin' Plans

When you book an event with Music Bingo STL, you not only get a unique and fun event, but we can help you design social media posts to get the word out! This includes visually engaging content designed for Facebook and Instagram. We can also assist in designing email campaigns.

Please Don't Stop The Music

Music Bingo STL has curated unique playlists to bring your event to the next level and are sure to entertain players of all ages. We provide everything needed for a night of interactive, fun, and LOUD music bingo! We will work with you to decide which playlists are right for your event.
Each event also includes music outside of the actual games.

Everybody Talks

In addition to the game, we provide a professional emcee and high quality sound equipment to help elevate your event and bring the guest experience to the next level. Every music bingo event includes a wireless microphone, speakers, and event hosting (we can also provide raffle tickets and winner drawings). 


We provide custom bingo card books for players to use that are specifically designed to avoid confusion. Since each game is unique, players will have a different bingo card for each round printed on colored paper. We also provide card markers for players to use throughout the night!

Music Bingo - a unique way to spend the evening!

Family Friendly Fundraisers

Rock 'n' Roll Bingo

Music Bingo STL provides an engaging and exciting Music Bingo night for players of all ages. Perfect for fundraisers and social gatherings, Music Bingo will be an unforgettable night that your guests will want to attend again and again.
Some playlists/bingo rounds at an event like this may include:
One Hit Wonders - Face the Music (Songs about body parts) - 80s Hits - Food Fight (Songs about food) - Chromatic Jukebox (songs about colors) - Going Places (Songs about places) -

Social Gatherings and Sponsored Events

Themed Bingo Nights

With a strong background in live performance and DJ'ing, the crew at Music Bingo STL can elevate any night and are sure to draw a crowd. Make your event event one to remember whether it is for on-campus student engagement or a unique one time event to draw a crowd on a slow night.
Some playlists/bingo rounds for an event like this may include:
It's not a phase, mom! (Emo Bingo) - 2000s Pop - Taylor Swift Bingo - Boy Band Bingo - Disney Channel Movie Soundtracks - 

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